CRM Systems


Reinvent Your Customer Care

Build custom, integrate or simply customize the application.

CRMs are critical to the Opportunity to Cash lifecycle. Starting off your sales process with clean data, and solid record keeping is the first step in positive customer interaction. Strattas begins all CRM projects by   creating defining the golden record for your customers in a Master System. From that point, process flows from a universal standard record that serves as the foundation all of your systems of record.

We miss nothing in the CRM customization process – even down to ensuring your support ticketing system is integrated with your customer service technologies so that your sales team is never walking into a meeting unaware there is a level 1 service request pending at their customer location.

Whether we need to customize an out of the box solution (COTS) CRM or create a custom CRM system to map to your business model, we can remove double data entry, and information silos to ensure your customer information is easily accessed, on demand, with universal transparency by all of your employees.


You were easy to talk to, business minded, disciplined and thought four steps ahead of what we needed technically. Now I sleep at night.

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