ERP Systems


ERP: Take the “Work” out of Business Operations

It’s a simple concept in theory – enter data pertaining to customers, vendors, orders once and share, across several functional departments and systems, seamlessly.

However, what it takes to get there – defining the project scope, identifying requirements, selecting technologies, systems integration, and documentation can seem daunting for most clients.

ERP implantation and integrations are critical to your business and demand the experience of veterans that have been the process many times before.

Strattas is an objective partner providing our clients with leadership and management of critical work streams to significantly increase an ERP program’s success. Our agile development process, Kanban, reduces risk and surprises while offering a task driven approach. This means your application development process has no bottlenecks, no confusion, no surprises. Our constant pulse of delivery means on-going progress you can see and measure. It also means we can easily embrace the changes that happen as your ERP systems are developed.


You were easy to talk to, business minded, disciplined and thought four steps ahead of what we needed technically. Now I sleep at night.

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