POS Systems


Sales Systems Solved.

Without integration your POS system becomes a glorified cash register.

Strattas understands the complexities involved in the integration of a POS system and back office systems. We deliver integrations that offer your organization financial stability and critical visibility for profitability.

Strattas can help you build a custom POS system, select an COTS POS system, customize a POS system and/or integrate your POS system with back office systems.

Through our POS systems integration process we can impact:

Inventory Management

  • Receive automatic updates that reflect which goods are on their way and when they should arrive.
  • Accurately track of the cost of goods sold
  • Attain better visibility into the the income generated from each item in your inventory
  • Access real-time information your current inventory in a matter of seconds

Vendor and Customer Information

  • Eliminate redundant entries
  • Provide real-time account balances to eliminate the risk of billing errors.

Financial Records

  • Automate the calculation of tax payments
  • Seamlessly share all tax types with your accounting system
  • Never worry abut data entry errors and costly fines


  • Remove system redundancy
  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Automate manual processes


You were easy to talk to, business minded, disciplined and thought four steps ahead of what we needed technically. Now I sleep at night.

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