sap product integrations


Creating the Glue.

SAP is vital to your business and serves as the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure. But technology grows organically and sometimes haphazardly. A new business division here, a new management team over there and suddenly multiple systems exist in silos. In fact, they are operating great – just in a solitary fashion.

Then one day you realize you need a SAP integration solution to make them all work together. You realize without integration there is double entry, lost time, extra work and system overlap.

We can help.

As a trusted SAP partner with certified SAP integration solutions, Strattas delivers scalable, secure, and proven solutions for connecting SAP with the rest of your technology ecosystem.

Connect –  We can synchronize your SAP applications with any application securely.

Calm – We can integrate back office and front office systems to create seamless and efficient business

Cloud & Chain Partner Friendly – Make new friends…we build solutions with expansion in mind. Add to our infrastructure with ease.


You were easy to talk to, business minded, disciplined and thought four steps ahead of what we needed technically. Now I sleep at night.

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